GZR-700 快递袋制袋机

GZR-700 Express Courier Bag Making Machine

 用 途:

 Courier plastic bag machine with photocell for color tracking. DHL pocket device for documents, adhesive tape



 1.Servo motor
 2.Frequency Control
 3.PLC,man-machine interface control
 4.10.2” touch screen
 5. Automatic correction discharge
 6.Electro-optical tracking fixed-length

 Main Technical Parameters

 1.最大制袋宽度:650mm 800mm
 2.最大制袋长度 :30-800mm
 3.最大制袋速度 :30-120次/min
 4.最大放卷直径 :700mm
 6.剪切精度 :±0.5mm

 1.Width of making bag :650mm 800mm
 2.Length of making bag :30-800mm
 3.Speed of making bag :30-120次/min
 4.Max unwind diameter :700mm
 5.Inner of paper core :76mm
 6.Tolerance :±0.5mm